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Vormsi Farm Museum in Sviby Pears Farm

Here you can hear and see about local history until 1940-s

Sviby Port

The main purpose of Sviby Port is hosting a scheduled ferry, but…

Bicycle rental

Leave your car on the mainland and rent a bicycle

Vormsi’s path of time

Pictures from the history of Vormsi

Allika Hiking Trail 

A representative assembly of springs, related water bodies, forest and bog habitats

An amazing day among wonderful rocks

Wonderful rocks and erratic boulders

Sviby Tare-Tareke

Proper manful meals made from locally produced organic ingredients, served in outdoor…

Beaches of Vormsi

Take time off near the sea

Suncrosses cemetery

The world´s biggest suncrosses cemetery

Krog No. 14

Definitely the best place to eat, drink and party!

Vormsi ferry

Enjoy ferry ride to Vormsi island

Spring hiking trail

Nature lovers could get acquainted with this part of the unconventional nature…

Lost views

You can travel in the time and go into the pictures

Saint Olav´s church

A unique church from the 14th century

Local bus transportation

The state roads of Vormsi parish form a number 8 with two…

Buildings touched by time

Brief glimpse to the past

Rälby Baptist congregation

The headquarters of missionary Lars Johan Österblom

Vormsi lighthouses

Meeting three beautiful lighthouses

Birds and animals

The diversity that Vormsi has, is not seen on many islands

Ascension church

Vormsi Orthodox church parish was the only one in Estonia of the…

Sviby Summer Café at the harbour

Drink and eat right near the harbour

Hullo shop

The only shop in Vormsi is located in Hullo village

Floating sauna “Tuule”

Floating sauna with magical view

Bus rental

Buses for island group tours on bus of 19 places.

Tähtheina residence

Have a private holiday in Vormsi in a modern farm complex with…

Elle-Malle’s Guesthouse

Elle-Malle’s Guesthouse, which is located in Hullo, the centre of Vormsi Island,…

Rumpo Mäe Farm

Relaxing vacations, successful seminars and study days

Diby camping

An enjoyable place during summer

Sarapuu holiday house

Cosy small house in the center of Vormsi open all year round

Norrby Apartments

Alla year round accommodation with conveniences and sauna rent

Hullo hostel

Rooms, camping facilities, caravan parking, corporate summer events


Who doesn’t fit in the room, camps

Craft workshops

Create with your own hands

SUP in Vormsi

You could paddle like an old Indian

Guides from Vormsi

The greatest way of getting acquainted with Vormsi is to use the…

Bicycle trips with picnics

Discover the wonders of Vormsi by bike

Boat rent

Explore Vormsi coast by the boat

Vormsi massage room

Relaxation room in Hullo village

Seafaring experiences on historical wooden boats

A chance to sail on a traditional Vormsi sailboat


You can see and feel old ironwork and tools

Clay Room

Put your own hands into clay

Vormsi talharpa (bowed lyre) players

Listen to the sound of Vormsi´s ancient instrument

Restored Post Mill in Rälby village

Sales of handicraft and a display of historical views of Rälby Village….