Buildings touched by time

The ruins of Suuremõisa manor

Suuremõisa manor was established on the island of Vormsi in 1604 and the first owner was Magnus Brümmer. That is why the Swedish name of the village is Magnushof. Since the 1620s the manor belonged to the noble family of de la Gardie, who at that time owned Haapsalu city. In 1691 the manor was expropriated and it became the proerty of Sweden. Since 1894 the manor belonged to the state and there was a sanatorium for young women. In 1920s and 1930s the main building of the manor was empty and it was demolished. Only a little hill of ruins with some parts of the wall have been preserved. Also most of the other buildings are destroyed or in ruins. The only extant building, although rebuild, is the distillery and part of a cattle barn. Also a big park has been remained.

The ruins of Suuremõisa smock mill

In Suuremõisa village there the ruins of smock mill. The frustum type brickwork has been maintained. Later it has been supported inside with circled brickwork. It was probably built at the end of 18th century – beginning of the 19th century.

Orthodox church in Hullo

Russian Orthodox church was built in Hullo in 1889 and it functioned only 35-40 years. Already in 1937 the sermons in the church had been stopeed and the windows of this stone church were hammered up. In 1938 there were seven people in the congregation. During the kolkhoz the church was used as a warehouse and nowadays this uncleaned decayed church is in the territory of a workshop.