To reach the Vormsi island, you need to drive to Rohuküla harbor and find the Vorms ferry pier using the road signs. The quay is located to the left of the Rohuküla harbor building, behind the large parking place. Vormsi ferry tickets will not be sold in Rohuküla harbor building!


  • from advance sales at Kihnu Veeteede website:
  • from the ticket machine – In Rohuküla, the machine is located in the building to the left of the Vormsi car waiting area and on the island, you can buy a ticket in the Sviby harbor building
  • from the ferry cafe

The ferry “Ormsö” takes on board both  – vehicles and pedestrians.

Starting from 01.01.23 on the Vormsi ferry line, 185 passenger tickets will be sold in advance (online and from the ticket machine)  and an additional 15 passenger tickets, which are reserved for purchase only by residents of Vormsi municipality. It is marked in brackets in the volume of tickets. There are 110 linear meters of vehicles available for pre-sale and an additional 30 linear meters reserved for purchase only by residents of Vormsi municipality.

NB! In summer, you need to book your ferry ticket early, because thousands of people visiting  the picturesque island!  If possible, leave your car at Rohuküla port and come across on foot or by bicycle. If you want to leave your car on the Rohuküla, there is a free parking.

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