In order to reach Vormsi island you need to drive to Rohuküla harbour and watch the signs to find the pier of Vormsi ferry. The pier and the ticket office are located on the left from the harbour building (a little kiosk next to the fenced parking lot). Tickets to Vormsi ferry can be bought only from Vormsi ticket office, there is no ticket sale in the harbour building. You can only buy return tickets from the ticket office because no tickets are sold on the island of Vormsi. During winter period ticket sale takes place in the passenger compartment of the ferry.

The ferry to Vormsi, “Ormsö”, takes both cars and pedestrians. If you wish to leave your car on mainland, there is a free, spacious parking lot where you can park your car safely. You can find more information on Vormsi ferry schedules, extra trips, changes in schedule and disruptions on

NB! During summer period you have to book the ticket early because thousands of people go to the picturesque island of Vormsi. Leave your car to Rohküla harbour if possible and go across the sea on foot or by bike. Get acquainted with the transportation options of the island below and check out the times when the bus meets the ferry from Rohuküla.

Check the schedules to Rohuküla and in Vormsi from

If you wish to visit Vormsi with your own watercraft, look here: Sviby harbour information.

Get acquainted with the 8-shaped main road of Vormsi and the places to visit on the following webpage:


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