Vormsi ferry

For that you need to go to Rohuküla harbour and use the signs to find the pier of the ferry of Vormsi The pier and the ticket office locate left of the harbour building (little stall next to the fenced parking lot). The tickets to the ferry to Vormsi can be bought only from the Vormsi ticket office – there is no ticket sale to Vormsi in the harbour building!

You can buy a return ticket from the ticket office. There is no ticket sale on the island of Vormsi. The ferry to Vormsi takes cars and pedestrians. If you wish to leave the car on the mainland, then Rohuküla harbour has a free and spacious parking lot, where it is safe to park your car.

More information about the timetable of the ferries to Vormsi: www.veeteed.com.

NB: During the summer it is necessary to reserve the ticket early, because thousands of people are going to the picturesque Vormsi island. If it is possible, leave your car to Rohuküla harbour and come to the island on foot or by bicycle.