The six foot museum

The "Museum" has stored and exhibits more than 550 Vorms antiques. Since...

Retrobus tours with a guide

Great adventure on the island!

VORT car rent

With an electric car in Vormsi!

Nature tours with an experienced hiking guide

A hike on the little-traveled paths behind the sea!

VORT Scooter

Tour Vormsi with an electric scooter!

Vormsi Farm Museum in Sviby Pears Farm

Here you can hear and see about local history until 1940-s

Metsavahi-Hermase crafting workshops

Make your vacation more meaningful and learn new skills!

Bicycle rental

Leave your car on the mainland and rent a bicycle

An amazing day among wonderful rocks

Wonderful rocks and erratic boulders

Metsavahi-Hermase garden tour

A few hundred plants with name tags and the Vormsi farm garden…

Beaches of Vormsi

Take time off near the sea

Vormsi lighthouses

Meeting three beautiful lighthouses

Bus rental

Buses for island group tours on bus of 19 seats.

SUP in Vormsi

You could paddle like an old Indian

Guides from Vormsi

The greatest way of getting acquainted with Vormsi is to use the…

Bicycle trips with picnics

Discover the wonders of Vormsi by bike

Adventure with UAZs

Captivating curves with a nostalgic car!

Boat rent

Explore Vormsi coast by the boat


You can see and feel old ironwork and tools

Clay Room

Put your own hands into clay

Vormsi talharpa (bowed lyre) players

Listen to the sound of Vormsi´s ancient instrument