Beaches of Vormsi

The beaches of Vormsi are very diverse. Shingled north coast is washed by the open sea, the water is cooler there and it gets deep fast. Beaches on the south side are lower, but their coasts are often covered with reed like the eastern part of the island. Sandy beaches are only near Hullo ja Rumpo villages. In the western part of the island there is Saxby beach with slate otucrop and shingled beach drift that reach the inner part of the island. It offers beautiful landscape and geological discovering.

Limestone of Vormsi stratum opens here and hides richly fossiles in itself. Near the lighthouse built in 1864 you can see, how the sea crashes the beach and you can follow the development phases of flora from the berms. ” “The bedrock of the island consists of limestones. Relatively low landform is jointed by eskers and old beach drifts that pass throught the island in south eastern-north western direction. The highest peak of Vormsi is a hill near Huitberg that is nearly 13 metres above the sea level.