Spring hiking trail

To the north of lake Prästvike there is an exemplary combination of springs, water bodies connected to the springs, forest- and springfen habitats. Spring hiking trail was reconstructed so that nature lovers could get acquainted with this part of the unconventional nature of Vormsi.

As the name indicates, the hiking trail takes you to three diverse springs. Suurallikas is the best-known of the three. A new section was added to the trail that takes you to Lubjakünka or Raviallikas spring. This is a special spring, because due to the settling lime coming from the spring a small hill has formed, and  you cannot see the usual spring funnel. This type of springs – petrifying springs – are very rare in Europe as well as in other parts of the world.

There are around ten springs in the area altogether, some of them open up in lake Prästvike. The hiking trail is 2 kilometres long and from now on you can walk on it in all kind of weather. Four information boards were placed to the trail. There is a better view to lake Prästvike from the observation tower because the reed has been cut. Bird-watching from the tower is especially great during springtime, because you can find lots of them in the area of lake Prästvike.