Lost views

While wandering around Vormsi you can find 80 information boards illustrated with photos. These photos depict the surroundings on the information board through centuries.

Information boards match the natural surrounding environment. By directing the viewer’s attention through photos to a certain point on the landscape, a “virtual” Vormsi is generated right in front of their eyes.

Natives or Coastal Swedes who escaped the island during World War II, left a rich cultural heritage with many historical sights. A lot of it has been destroyed since then and only a vague memory has remained. Current terrain opens its mystery only to the history-conscious viewers. Even today lots of landmarks and other historical indications are recognisable in the nature.

History of many sights outreaches centuries. There is no unified system today that would give the opportunity to enjoy the vividness of history right in front of your eyes on the landscape besides the books written about Vormsi. Gratifying work is being done by island’s guides and Vormsi Farm Museum in Sviby village. While most of the guests miss out on the rich and in many ways mysterious history, the project “Vormsi’s Lost Views” is trying to fill the gap.


The project was funded by: