Metsavahi-Hermase garden cafe

Metsavahi-Hermase is a farm from 1931 in Suuremõisa village on the beautiful island – Vormsi.

On gloomy summer evenings and sunny days, our romantic pop-up garden cafe opens.

We offer Italian soft ice cream, almond cookies and aromatic coffee.

If you’re lucky, you can also partake in English five o’clock tea with traditional fresh cucumber sandwiches and scones.

Follow the sign by the road – we are open when the sign is out!

If food is not just a filling for you, but an experience, then you are welcome at our place! We offer catering for groups by ordering in advance in our garden cafe. Meals are served outdoors (in case of rain, in a tent).

We make picnic bags containing goodies to take with you.

From us you can order sourdough rye bread, natural apple cider and wine vinegar, various salty and sweet baked goods and many other fresh and tasty food.