Nature preservation

Landscape protection area of Vormsi

Landscape protection area of Vormsi was formed in 2000. The area is 19.75 square kilometres, 13 square kilometres of that is the low coastal sea. Main goal of the landscape protection area of Vormsi is to preserve rare, unique and easily infracted natural landscapes, characteristic and endangered heritage of the area – cultural landscapes and the growing and living places of rare species. This is done for nature conservational, cultural and recreational reasons.

The manager of the protection area is the Western region of Environmental Board The history of nature conservation is two hundred years old. Already in 1766 the landlord prohibited lime burning on the island, because he wished to save the forests of Vormsi. On the coast of Vormsi there are two internationally important bird areas: The bays of Hullo and Sviby and Hari strait. The coastal meadows of Sviby and Hullo with the surrounding sea and islets are also considered to be the study area of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in England (RSBP-area bays of Hullo and Sviby).