About Vormsi

Life on the island of Vormsi with beautiful nature is peaceful and safe. We are surrounded by safe environment with valuable milieu and we live close to the nature. Our children learn in restored schoolhouse and kindergarten.

Vormsi has modern infrastructure. The road network and harbour are constantly under renovation. Community economics is based on local resources (potato, berries, mushrooms, honey, domestic animals, timber, wild animals, fish). More and more we are engaged with agriculture, we are taking care of coastal meadows and growing beef cattle, seaweed and sheep.

At the same time tourism field is also growing. Visitors and everything that is related to them is also enliving local life. The positive image of Vormsi among Estonian is bringing more celebrities to buy and build their summer homes on the island.

We have well-preserved Coastal Swedish heritage,which essence we are unitedly trying to use in the image of Vormsi. Our society life, valuation of traditions and cultural collaboration is becoming more international. We keep and cherish our nature and as a result the landscape protection area of the biosphere (network of Natura 2000) has been created.

We have a working statutory pland and we are defining public interests with detailed plans. Issues, which are important and concerning all the people liviing on the island, are discussed on the General meeting of the island of Vormsi. We are actively participating in the work of the Association of Estonian Islands and we are collaborating with the municipalities of other small islands.